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Natural Body Butter with 7 Vegan, Organic, Fair-Trade, Sustainable Ingredients.
In a toxic cosmetic world, where can we turn for a high quality product to guiltlessly indulge in? This pure, unfiltered and decadent chocolate elixir is the treat you have been begging for.

Only 7 Ingredients

Be your body’s best friend. Blissed-Out Body Ganache is a blend of seven superfoods and plant butters all in one creamy, dreamy balm that leaves your skin luminous, soft to the touch, and happy as a clam.















Food For Your Skin

We’re passionate about treating the world like our family. Private label, “SEAHUNNY’s Own” provides handcrafted products, made from gently processed ingredients, to ensure that our clients receive the purest product. NO fillers, sulfites, parabens, hexane, glyphosate, silicone, or any other toxins.

Delivering everything good, with zero BS.

Because of the purity, our Blissed-Out Body Ganache contains a higher level of essential fatty acids (EFA) nutrients, which are absorbed into the skin and keep it moisturized, while forming a protective layer over the skin, helping reduce the effects of free radicals and other harmful environmental elements. The EFA’s in Blissed-Out, boost the skin’s immune system, regulate skin function and provide a beautiful, natural glow to the skin surface.

SEAHUNNY’s Own does not use synthetic stabilizers or waxes. As a result, our delicate natural and organic products are sensitive to temperature changes and may soften or even melt in transit as they sit in warm mail trucks, mailboxes or on front porches.

Our body ganache contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Almond Oil and Buriti Oil.

Our Shea Butter alone, is wild-crafted by moms in Ghana who are passionate about their Shea Butter quality. By purchasing Blissed-Out Body Ganache you are supporting women who work tirelessly every day to bring us the best Shea Butter, Africa has to offer, so that they are able to support their families in an otherwise terrifying situation.

Blissed-Out Body Ganache is the real dealio, man.
The Making of Blissed-Out Body Ganache
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After searching for what seemed like ages for a #toxinfree lotion that I liked, I came across this product and fell in LOVE!
I absolutely love this product! It feels and smells incredible and can be used for so many different things. Nothing else really compares.
Blissed Out Body Ganache is a creamy body butter that lasts for hours and doesn't leave a greasy mess.
Thank you so much for my blissed out!! My skin thanks you!!! Such a wonderful product!!💖💕🙏🏻
This is going to be BIG Andie!
It's so good your husband will steal it! Son of a...