About Us
We have created an an extraordinary product by harnessing the power of nature.

Andie Kat


I'm Andie Kat, Founder at SEAHUNNY of SEAHUNNY's Own and creator of Blissed-Out Body Ganache.

Before moving to the Central Valley in 1997, I lived in the remote town of Cambria, located on the Central Coast. It is there that my soul fell in love with the sea.

Always reaching for growth in everything I do, I'm a proud God-fearing, all-American girl who shamelessly leverages the same loyalty, compassion and drive for my customers. I epitomize integrity, positive energy, strength and creativity in life, just as I will every detail of SEAHUNNY's Own products.

In my free time, I love connecting with others, cooking & creating natural remedies, yoga, music, adventure and road-tripping. I love to grow organic food, rescue animals and watch my boys wrestle and play baseball, always finding time for community activism, sharing truth and wellness blogging.

My unique vision is a future where our environments, the places where we live, work and play, contribute actively to our health and well-being. Humbled and grateful for the support of my family to lift me up and back my goals, SEAHUNNY is a permanent, household name, setting the standard in simple, clean skincare.

My belief that “extraordinary humans deserve extraordinary outcomes”, is well documented in genuine connections I seek with each individual and my active role in pairing wellness and relationships with community and real estate. It is my passion to assist families in creating a sense of well-being through availability of nutritious options in the neighborhood and products that promote non-toxic and environmentally-friendly living.

Curating our Blissed-Out Body Ganache (BOBG) was a personal testament to the power of natural healing in my own life, employing time-honored, traditional methods to the formulation, while trusting the magical benefits of wild-harvested plants and intuition, to bring balance to the body and brand.

Blissed-Out Body Ganache started in 2013, but like any good idea, it was born out of necessity - with a kitchen, a stand mixer, and little boys hanging on my apron.

Living naturally has been paramount to how we raise our family. Cooking whole, with organic fresh produce from our own garden, utilizing holistic remedies and cleaning our living spaces with nontoxic cleaners, were just just the jumping off point. I became increasingly aware of the unnecessary toxins nonchalantly added to products that I was deliberately slathering my body (and my babies') in. And there I went, aimlessly thrown down the rabbit-hole of lies and labeling and was appalled at the horrific facts we are prepensely kept unaware of.

Thus began my exploration on replacements that met my standards of impeccable quality, truth, purity and ethical sourcing.

One could say that Coconut oil was my "gateway" ingredient (and by chance was also the first key element in BOBG's recipe). It was everywhere in my house. Even on the dog. To this very day, neighbor's may still be able to recall hearing me bellow, "Just rub some coconut oil on it!"

As BOBG grew, so did my expectations, until I had achieved something I knew was unprecedentedly special.

The finalization of our bohemian recipe approached and it was becoming more apparent that we had the superlative opportunity to choose WHO AND HOW we affect others during its creation.

A beautiful example is the non-profit our shea butter comes from. It is filled with phenomenal women in Ghana Africa who share a common dream... to support their families and provide opportunities for their loved ones. I wanted to help these women to fiercely go after their dreams, the way their magnificent shea helps me go after mine. Knowing that we give back, every time we apply, is gratifying beyond words.

If "Ethical business means being part of a movement that’s already taking the world by storm." Count me in!

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