In 6 years this has never happened but we need a policy so here goes.

For a refund of your Blissed-out, you must be issued an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) within 30 days of your original purchase date, this means you will need to return the product in order to get a refund. Shipping costs are non-refundable because everything is free shipping. But if there was…

But seriously though, we can’t accept any returns without prior authorization. All returns must be returned to the SEAHUNNY customer service department address provided via email or call when you request your RMA number.

If you purchased more than 1 item, only 1 item of each type is allowed to be opened (i.e. if you ordered 2 cans of Blissed-Out, you can open and try one can, but the second can cannot be opened) – others must come back unopened and unused in order to receive FULL refund for the unopened cans. If two of the items are already opened, then we can only issue a refund for one opened can. Hope this makes sense. Contact us for clarification if this is unclear.

Refunds could take up to 3 weeks before they appear on your bank statement – most cases will be quicker. However, due to return shipping time (3-5 days), return processing (1-2 days), and refund requests to the bank (4-9 days), it can take up to 3 weeks. Banks amiright?

For returns, email us at to request an RMA (return merchandise authorization).