Meet Me
Chick, Myth or Mega Mommy Warrior… Let me introduce myself.

They call me Andie.

A tireless seeker of Truth, dream home matchmaker, occasional purveyor of wisdom and coincidentally a wellness advocate and homeschooling Mama.

Years ago, my partner in love (SEAHUBBY) and I affectionately dubbed our family as the ‘Not-So-Conventional Brady Bunch’, having six kiddies between the two of us .

Yes. I said SIX. Five boys and a daughter, three under 12 years old and three over 20!


Words are something that has always come a bit effortlessly for me, once I allow my sometimes manic brain to be submerged deep inside my own world. However, ask me to write a piece entirely about the essence of myself and this long-winded girl is almost rendered speechless and my words escape me. One could simply go comfortably adrift, by painting this impeccable picture of who they are and how they got to where they are now.

On the comedic flip side it wouldn’t really be me, writing about ‘me’, if I were to included words like “impeccable” when describing my life’s journey thus far.

Fortunately, that isn’t what I intended this blog to be about. Maybe you are able to relate to the flaw of being worried about what others may think of you. I spent a giant portion of my life “setting myself on fire to keep other people warm“ and worried about feelings (not facts), to keep everyone comfortable… mostly myself.

Not here.

Not now.

Not anymore.

This is where I lay it all out on the line; the good, the bad, the wonderful and the sometimes hideous truth about Life. Either way, I like to think of our family as a work in progress. Always aiming to get a little better every single day.
I hope you enjoy this silly little site and find it filled with a couple interesting ideas, giggles, thoughts and maybe even a little inspiration. Just the thought of that, inspires ME!




  • I am a lucky Mama of six stunning, brilliant children (three by birth and three by serendipity)
  • Time with my family is essential to my quality of life
  • We support our beloved America the Beautiful and our Constitution
  • We prefer to live life AWAKE
  • I stand by the “Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie” motto
  • We believe in God, love, the power of words and happy endings
  • When life gives me lemons… I straighten my crown and remember just Who’s daughter I am
  • We aim for the “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” approach
  • Sometimes the only therapist I need, is an open road and my windows rolled down
  • I rescue any animal that is able sniff out the fact that I’m a complete sucker
  • I am a country girl at heart with a streak of ‘city slicker’ runnin’ straight through the middle
  • I love being outdoors, thunderstorms and dancing in the rain
  • Lover of natural light
  • I am modern-day hippie complete with a wildflower-girl spirit
  • Laughter through tears, is my favorite emotion
  • I heart baby elephants
  • I am self-proclaimed foodie and wanna-be baker
  • I love the smell of the ocean, library books and new rain
  • I am absolutely enamored by babies
  • I learn far more from my sweet little hunnies than I could EVER teach them
  • I love those who love me unconditionally and even some of those who don’t
  • I love watching people express themselves through their creative gifts
  • I love surprises… (not so great with suspense)
  • I love my babies with an unexplainable, joyous, grateful, aching, kind of love… couldn’t breath without them


“Sharing truth and loving one another through the darkness is the most powerful weapon we have, to heal this world.”